• Directions


    There are a variety of ways to use Congelz. Here are a few common methods.

    Method One

    Add Congelz® directly to unseparated slurry and gelling the entire lot. As the solids content in most slurry is very high, often up to 80%, simply add Congelz® to the slurry at a dosage rate of approximately 0.8 oz - 1 oz per gallon. Mix as necessary and the material will begin to gel immediately.

    Method Two

    Broadcast Congelz® directly onto the floor or slab to absorb water. In large areas it may be necessary to move the material around with a squeegee for a fast and complete reaction. Gelled material can then be swept, scooped, or vacuumed for disposal.
    (CAUTION: Gelled material on the floor is slippery. Use caution and limit foot traffic until it is picked up.)

    Method Three

    You may use Congelz® to limit the spread of water or slurry by creating a tiny berm around the work area, such as when core drilling. As water comes in contact with the material it will react and stop the flow of water.

    Method Four

    FILTER BAG METHOD: Convert a standard 275 gallon tote (40"W x 48"L) into a slurry container by cutting the top off. Place the Congelz® S-3000 filter bag into the tote and secure the straps on the bag to the tote frame. Pour or pump the slurry into the filter bag. Allow slurry to filter overnight. Open the tote spigot to drain the clear filtered water. This water can be reused in cutting equipment or safely disposed of. Spread Congelz onto the surface of the remaining sludge, covering the entire surface. Depending on the depth of the sludge, it my be necessary to stir the material. Repeat the process until the filter bag is full. Use forklift straps to lift the bag and place in a standard refuse dumpster.

    Method Five

    TWO-STEP METHOD: (NOTE: This method should only be used when solids are less than approximately 30%. If solids are higher, simply use Congelz® to treat the entire lot of waste water) STEP 1) Collect water into a leak proof container. Add Clarifize at a rate of up to 1/4 oz per gallon or about 1-1/4 oz per 5-gallons. Thoroughly stir, wait several minutes and stir again. Additional material, mixing or dwell time may be required depending on the amount of solids. When the reaction is complete you may decant or pump out the clear water for continued use in polishing / cutting equipment or adjust PH if necessary, and dispose of in a regular sanitary sewer drain. STEP 2) Treat the remaining solids with Congelz® at a rate of up to 1 oz per gallon. Mix until material is uniformly gelled. Discard as regular trash.