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    Prism Rinse WAter SOlutions!

    Prism Corporation offers these solutions to the same environmental challenges. “Gray Again” colored concrete rinse transforms water back to the gray color of concrete. “Congelz” forms concrete rinse water into a solid, allowing for safe and legal disposal. “Clarifize” drops the solids of concrete rinse water allowing the clear water to be pumped off.

  • Our Rinse Water Options

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    Congelz is a special blend of polymers, minerals and PH stabilizers. When used as directed, rinse water will transform from a liquid to a gel. Passing ASTM 9095B paint filler test, this gel has been determined to be safe and legal for landfill disposal.

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    Gray Again

    GrayAgain is used to convert colored concrete residue back to gray. With it’s Patent Pending technology, GrayAgain is the industries only answer to the mixer cleaning following the use of integrally colored concrete. GrayAgain is simple to use. The Treatment Guide provides the correct choice of five possible remedies used to rid your mixer of colored concrete residue. With 10 gallons of water and less than 10 minutes of time getting your truck back on the road has never been easier.


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    Clarifize entraps solids in water and quickly drops them to bottom allowing for the clear liquid to be removed from the top and recycled. Solids can then be treated with Congelz and disposed of, passing the paint filter test. For more information visit: www.congelz.com