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    Prism Landscape Enhancements

    Prism Corporation’s unique landscape solutions include “Hippie Mulch”, a wonderful spray colorant for refreshing faded mulch. “Hippie Mulch Grip”, hairspray for mulch is an advanced adhesive formulation that keeps mulch in its place. Order online now!

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    Hippie Mulch

    Like many great products, Hippie Mulch spray-on mulch colorant actually started with a customer complaint. A local mulch customer was developing a business to rejuvenate faded mulch on-site, and was evaluating mulch colorants. They had tried two national competitive products along with ours, and were dissatisfied with the quality of the coverage and adhesion of all three. It was determined that faded colored mulch that is exposed to the elements for one or more years, accumulates impurities like dust, pollen, etc. – making it much more difficult for a coating to properly adhere.

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    Mulch Grip

    When mulch is first installed, everything looks just right. Nice, neat and tidy. Over time, however, mother nature, lawn mowers, back pack blowers, etc. seem to move things around and mulch areas no longer look “new”. Mulch Grip can help keep that newly installed look for months.


    Mulch Grip is a spray-on binder that enhances the water retention properties of mulch. The unique sealing qualities bind the mulch together and slow evaporation rates – allowing more moisture and nutrients to reach plants while reducing overall watering demands (exact benefits vary depending on type of mulch and amount of Mulch Grip applied).

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    StayGreen Grass Colorant from Prism Pigments is a fast and economical way to instantly restore the natural green color to dormant or discolored grass areas. In just one spray application, tired or dormant grass will instantly re-gain its fresh and re-vitalized look without the need to water, seed, fertilize, or mow. Applications range from residential lawns to golf courses, sports fields, public green spaces, commercial landscapes, etc. Any type of dormant grass can be colored and returned to its healthy and natural beauty, with no harmful effects to the grass. StayGreen Grass Colorant will withstand the elements, last approximately 10-14 weeks or until mowing removes the colored grass, and once dried, is safe for children and pets.

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    Paver Sand

    Paver Sand Lock Plus is a pre-blendedmixture of high quality sand and specially designed polymers for joint sand used in paver applications. Paver Sand Lock Plus, once broomed into the paver joints dry, forms a firm bond when water is introduced to the surface.