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    Hold That Pose:

    When mulch is first installed, everything looks just right. Nice, neat and tidy. Over time, however, mother nature, lawn mowers, back pack blowers, etc. seem to move things around and mulch areas no longer look “new”. Mulch Grip can help keep that newly installed look for months.


    Control Erosion:

    To prevent rain or wind from eroding mulch, Mulch Grip is a fantastic solution. Just spray it on according to directions. Apply additional material in problematic areas for extra holding power.


    Control Dust:

    Whether dealing with nuisance dust from a dirt road by home, a cart path at a golf course, or a walking path, Mulch Grip can take care of it. Additional applications may be required due to abrasion from heavy traffic.


    Works On:

    • Mulch • Pine Straw • Dirt • Sand • Pebbles • Gravel • Great on slopes, planting beds, around trees, etc.


    Save Money:

    Mulch Grip applies a protective coating to the surface and upper

    layer of the mulch. This coating helps extend the life and color of the mulch – meaning the mulch will not have to be replaced quite as often. By delaying the replacement of mulch, Mulch Grip helps save money.



    The coverage rate for initial application is typically between 50 and 150 square feet per gallon, depending on the type/condition of mulch and level of adhesion desired. Second coats and less demanding applications can have coverage rates of up to 1,000 square feet per gallon.


    How To Apply:

    32 ounce size: Simply shake, aim and spray. Great for securing smaller trouble spots.

    One gallon and 2.5 gallon sizes: A typical garden sprayer and Mulch Grip “ready to use” liquid is all that is needed to get started. Just pour material into the sprayer, secure lid, shake, pump and spray. It’s that simple. Spray with arm extended and move in a back and forth motion until desired area is covered. Material will spray out milky white, but dry completely clear. When finished, rinse out sprayer immediately with water to avoid clogging. Dry time is weather dependent, so it is best to let the material dry overnight. Do not apply if rain is in the immediate forecast or if the air temperature is below 50 degrees F. Do not allow to freeze.