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    Paver Sand Lock Plus is a pre-blended mixture of high quality sand and specially designed polymers for joint sand used in paver applications.


    Paver Sand Lock Plus, once broomed into the paver joints dry, forms a firm bond when water is introduced to the surface. The following are just some advantages to using Paver Sand Lock Plus:


    Reduction of sand lost

    • Weed growth in the joints will be dramatically reduced
    • There will be a lower result of water infiltration
    • A lower incidence of harmful chemical infiltration
    • Colored to fully compliment the beauty of your pavers


    COVERAGE RATES One (1) sixty-pound bag of Paver Sand will cover approximately seventy-five square feet of standard pavers. Coverage rates will vary depending on the paver style.


    MEETS OR EXCEEDS ASTM STANDARD C144 Paver Sand Plus meets or exceeds the requirements of the American Standards for Testing Materials C144. Thus assuring your quality paver project has the right type of sand.

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