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  • What is Hippie Mulch spray-on mulch colorant?

    Like many great products, Hippie Mulch spray-on mulch colorant actually started with a customer complaint. A local mulch customer was developing a business to rejuvenate faded mulch on-site, and was evaluating mulch colorants. They had tried two national competitive products along with ours, and were dissatisfied with the quality of the coverage and adhesion of all three. It was determined that faded colored mulch that is exposed to the elements for one or more years, accumulates impurities like dust, pollen, etc. – making it much more difficult for a coating to properly adhere.


    We started from scratch and developed a colorant that would cut through the barrier of impurities, attach to the base wood fibers, and adhere for a rich, long-lasting color. This development process led to the introduction of Hippie Mulch spray-on mulch colorant, which is specifically designed for the on-site spray application, and is better (we believe) than others currently on the market. We are proud to now make Hippie Mulch spray-on color available to both residential and commercial customers. Enjoy your Hippie Mulch, and let us know what you think. We look forward to hearing from you.