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    Safety Information

    Hippie Mulch spray-on colorants are safe, and that’s no jive! We turned to some establishment environmental guru types to do some serious testing, and test they did. Legend Technical Services, Inc., an independent technical laboratory specializing in environmental testing, put our mulch colorants through the ringer, and they passed with flying colors. The report states that “The mulch pigment used according to manufacturer’s instructions, is safe and does not present a respiratory, contact, or ingestion hazard to the user or persons coming in contact with the mulch after it is colored.” And “After the mulch is colored, the coloring pigments do not pose a hazard to the environment.”


    Translated into lingo that my landscaping brothers and sisters might dig: WE’RE COOL! For you geeks who want to dig into the gory details, or for those of you having trouble sleeping, we have attached the original report. We at Hippie Mulch want you to know that our mulch colorants are indeed safe for kids, pets, and the environment. We had to spend a little bread for the testing, but at Hippie Mulch, not only do we walk the walk and talk the talk, but we color the color and spray the spray too! PEACE.