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    Why the name Hippie Mulch?
    We wanted a name that would help describe an environmentally friendly mulch colorant that actually helps to save trees. By touching up the color on your mulch once it has faded, you postpone the addition of new mulch. New mulch involves cutting down trees, and burning diesel fuel during the grinding and transportation process. We felt that a hippie would probably choose to save a few trees, and avoid the additional exhaust from the diesel fuel.
    Three Step Mulch:
    That’s the average number of steps it takes to walk to your mail box at home to retrieve your package of Hippie Mulch! Order on-line, or by phone, and your Hippie Mulch color arrives right to your pad. No trip to the box store, no bags of mulch to buy, lift, or spread this year. Imagine it… It’s easy if you try.
    Hippie Mulch spray-on mulch colorant is available for purchase online. Finally, a top notch spray-on mulch color for touch-up work. With kick-butt coverage and color that really lasts!
    Why Use Hippie Mulch
    Save Time
    “I really dig this time management stuff. Man, with the three hours I saved using Hippie Mulch, I was able to lie around and do nothing.”
    Think about it. The mulch in your yard has faded in color, but you still have enough mulch to keep in the moisture and keep out the weeds. You could spend your Saturday afternoon going over to a garden center or big box store, loading up the van with bags and bags of colored mulch, come home, unload the bags and bags of colored mulch, rip open each bag, pour out the mulch in small piles, spread it out evenly, and continue until you have put down 1.5 – 2 inches of mulch throughout your mulching area (Man, I’m getting tired just thinking about it).
    Another option is to pay someone else a lot of scratch to do all this work for you, and although it gives you more free time, you end up with a lot less money… And now you can’t go to the Stone’s concert. Bummer. The #1 way to fix faded mulch is…Hippie Mulch. Your 12 ounce jar of Hippie Mulch spray-on color arrives right to your doorstep via UPS.
    You mix 6 ounces of color (half jar) with two gallons of water in a garden sprayer, color your faded mulch, and you’re done. Ok, you still need to clean out your sprayer with water which takes about ten minutes, and then you’re done. Time wise, fixing your faded mulch with Hippie Mulch spray-on color usually takes about one third the time it takes to put down and spread new mulch. This may vary a bit depending on the layout, but if you include your trip to the store and back, it probably saves even more time.
    Are you starting to feel the vibe…catch our drift…about the time you can save using Hippie Mulch? Give it a whirl. If we’re right, you’ll probably say “Gimmie some skin”. Ok, maybe not. You will, however, have to decide what to do with the extra time you just saved. We can’t help you in that department.
    Save Trees
    If using wood mulch in your garden is considered recycling, then think of Hippie Mulch spray-on color for faded mulch as “Cosmic Recycling”… The tree’s still standing, man.
    • One jar of Hippie Mulch spray-on color can save up to 8 trees. How…? Let me lay it on you:
    • About two full grown trees are needed to produce one cubic yard of mulch.
    • If you add two inches of new mulch, and cover 1,000 square feet, you would need to add a little over 6 cubic yards of mulch, or 12 trees worth of mulch.
    • One twelve ounce jar of Hippie Mulch spray-on color refreshes up to 1,000 square feet of mulch. Since you are putting off adding new mulch by refreshing the color instead, you have in fact saved 12 trees from being used as new mulch in your yard (blow your mind yet?).
    • Since some folks may have more shrubs, trees, rocks, or buildings to spray around than others (requiring the use of a little more color) we chose to use 8 trees saved as a more conservative estimate. The point is that whether you save 4, 8, or 12 trees by using one jar of Hippie Mulch spray-on color, the number is still really green.
    • As more and more of you become Hippies (at heart), you put off adding new mulch, and refresh what you have with Hippie Mulch spray-on color. As you do, the trees you save will allow all of us to breath just a little easier.
    Save Money
    A rad concept…Save Green While Being Green! All hippies rich and poor love to save bread ($$$). If your mulch color has faded, you have three options:
    1. You can add a couple of inches of new mulch.
    2. You can touch up the color of your existing mulch with Hippie Mulch spray-on color.
    3. You can do nothing. Doing nothing is definitely the cheapest, but may be a drag if your better half isn’t cool with your lazy ways.
    So let’s compare adding two inches of new mulch versus Hippie Mulch spray-on color:
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    Frequently Asked Questions


    What makes Hippie Mulch spray-on mulch colorants special?

    Hippie Mulch spray-on color was formulated specifically for the on-site spray-on mulch application. It’s unique combination of earth friendly pigments and binders, allow it to penetrate old, dusty/faded mulch, and provide rich coverage. Also, once the color has dried, Hippie Mulch spray-on color is designed for superior adhesion and color fastness.


    Is Hippie Mulch Colorant Safe?

    Yes. Once Hippie Mulch is sprayed on your garden mulch or landscaping mulch and has dried, it is completely safe for kids, pets and plants.


    How long will Hippie Mulch colorant hold its color?

    Hippie Mulch colorants typically holds its color for more than a full year, although weather conditions and integrity of the wood itself can affect longevity


    How much area will Hippie Mulch colorant cover?

    One 12 ounce jar of Hippie Mulch spray-on mulch colorant combined with four gallons of water will cover 500-1,000 square feet of mulch. Exact coverage depends on existing level of color and condition of the garden mulch or landscaping mulch.


    How fast will Hippie Mulch colorant dry?

    Hippie Mulch colorant usually dries in just a few hours. Cold or moist conditions will extend dry time.


    What happens if I get color on my skin or clothes?

    Soap, water and scrubbing will take the color off skin. Stains on clothing can be hard to get out once dried, so use older clothes and good precautions.


    What if I spray the sidewalk, side of the house or other unwanted objects by accident?

    If accidental over-spray of Hippie Mulch occurs, wash immediately with water or soap and water if necessary. To prevent over-spray, use a large piece of cardboard or wood as a barrier or pre-wet at-risk items with water and rinse off with water before it has a chance to dry and set.


    How can I prevent mulch colorant from getting on my plants?

    When the spray nozzle is held close to the garden mulch or landscape mulch, Hippie Mulch colorant coverage can be quite accurate. You can also use a piece of cardboard as a barrier or pre-wet the plants with water and rinse off carefully when done.