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    Cleaning Your mixer has never been easier. “It’s Gray Again!”


    That is the response heard every time GrayAgain is used to convert colored concrete residue back to gray. GrayAgain is simple to use. The Treatment Guide provides the correct choice of five possible remedies used to rid your mixer of colored concrete residue. With 10 gallons of water and less than 10 minutes of time getting your truck back on the road has never been easier.


    GrayAgain Before & After

    With it’s Patent Pending technology, GrayAgain is the industry’s only answer to the mixer cleaning following the use of integrally colored concrete. GrayAgain will change the way that concrete color is looked at by:


    • Reducing Driver Downtime

    • Minimizing Water Usage

    • Reducing Truck Downtime

    • Ending Colored washout


    Visit the GrayAgain website at www.grayagain.com